How can I have my birthday party at the Essex County miniGolf Safari?

The Picnic Pavilion has space for up to 3 parties at a time and each space can accommodate up to 30 guests..  Rentals of the pavilion occur in 2 hour reservation blocks at a rate of $150.  Party hosts must pay for the number of guests who will be playing at the admission rates of $9.00 for adults and $7 for children/seniors.  In order to reserve your party at the miniGolf Safari, please call 862-520-5024.

Can I reserve the whole pavilion for my party?

Yes, you can rent all 3 blocks, if available, for a cost of $450.  Rentals do not include the admission rates of your guests.

Are there any items I cannot bring?

Yes, we do not allow the following underneath the pavilion:

  • Ballons
  • Open Flames/Grills
  • Piñatas