Weequahic Park

Weequahic Park Sports Authority

Weequahic Park Sports Authority is a 501(C)(3) park conservancy working in partnership with Essex County to restore and preserve the historical aspects of the county park while providing the fundamentals of various sports and activities for the youth in the community.  Our community driven initiatives include but are not limited to teaching the youth Conservancy, Perseverance, Stewardship, Leadership, and much more.  

Our devotion to the community has helped restore a local treasure in Weequahic Park (Judge Ernest Booker's Paddle Ball Court), replace 150 trees that were damaged from Super Storm Sandy, provide nutritional food to the community for over 3 years within Weequahic Park, hosted several cleanup initiatives; along with Community events that support the National "Let's Move' healthy lifestyle initiative, and a host of fundamental sports and recreational activities.

We are locally based within Essex County's Weequahic Park Community Center and welcome all to help bring our community together ONE EFFORT AT A TIME.


Weequahic Park Association

The Weequahic Park Association (WPA) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) community corporation founded in 1992 by a group of local long distance runners.  The WPA entered into a partnership with Essex County that enabled them to direct the management of Weequahic Park, an Olmsted Park, implement capital improvements, and serve as stewards of the park. The WPA, prior to the covid-19 pandemic, had been holding weekly Saturday morning meetings consistently for over twenty years.  Comprised of more than 100 members, the WPA has a goal of restoring Weequahic Park to be one of the finest parks in the country.  The WPA continues to sponsor educational, recreational and cultural events that give life to the park and raise awareness of the park as a great community asset.

In a world where great and serious intentions must often bow to the harsh realities that face them, the Weequahic Park Association (WPA) points with pride to all that it has been able to accomplish in its effort to revitalize historic Weequahic Park. These achievements, such as the construction of a 2.2 miles long running track made from 100% post consumer product (recycled tires & sneakers) and urethane binding layer made of rubber granules; the improvement of the lake shoreline, using biodegradable coir coconut fiber rolls, storm quality water improvements. Over the past years, the Weequahic Park Association has developed an extensive proposal for the restoration of Weequahic Park.  The common chord that brings harmony and purpose to the Weequahic Park Association is an intense desire to witness the development of a world class park. 

The Weequahic Park Association has hosted successful social services programs, music and other cultural events, education and recreational programs, festivals, fireworks in the park and other activities.  WPA has institutionalized a road race in the park, initiated the planting of long absent flowers and replacement of dying trees, spurred the installation of a new exercise trail and the renovation of two children's playground-a project which the WPA spent three years advocating.The Weequahic Park Association invites everyone within or outside of the community to become involved with our effort to restore Weequahic Park.