Riker Hill Art Park


Essex County Riker Hill Art Park is a former United States Missile Tracking Base in Livingston, NJ. The 42-acre complex was purchased from the federal government for one dollar in 1974. The buildings, which once housed army facilities, have been transformed into 38 artist studios. Artists-in-residence work in various disciplines such as painting, fine metal jewelry, ceramics, pottery, glass-blowing, fine prints, photography and sculpture.

Historic Profile

Riker Hill is a 204.68-acre complex off Beaufort Avenue located in the western section of Essex County and is composed of three parts:  1) The Riker Hill Art Park, a 42-acre former US Nike missile tracking base, acquired in 1977. Its former army barracks are now occupied by artists, sculptors and craftsmen; 2) Dinosaur Park, a 16-acre tract acquired in 1970—well known throughout the state as the site of the smallest dinosaur tracks ever found (This park is not open to the public) and 3) Becker Park, a 147-acre tract of undeveloped parkland that was purchased in 1969 in part through the Green Acres Program.

Riker Hill Art Park was a United States Army Nike Missile Base in the 1950's.  The tract was purchased from the federal government for one [$1.00] dollar, in 1974.  The buildings that once housed army facilities have been converted to art studios where sculpture, painting, photography, and various crafts now flourish.

Park Map