Environmental Center

Where is the Essex County Environmental Center located?

We are located at 621-B Eagle Rock Avenue in Roseland, New Jersey.

What are the normal hours of operation?

We are open Monday-Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm and Saturdays 10:00am-2:00pm.   Trails are open dawn to dusk.

Is the Essex County Environmental Center open on holidays?

Yes, the Center is open holidays except Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day. Please note the center schedule may be subject to changes.

I do not reside in Essex County, may I still visit the Essex County Environmental Center?

Yes, the Center is open to all.

I am a Teacher, Scout Leader or Adult Program Coordinator; can I bring an organized group to the Essex County Environmental Center for an Environmentally related educational program?

Yes, please contact the Center at 973-228-8776 for a list of available programs.

Is there a cost?

Most scheduled programs require a fee however access is free to explore our center exhibits and trails.

How can I contact an Essex County Environmental Center partner?

Please see below a list of our partner agencies:

New Jersey Audubon (NJA) – Kelly Wenzel 908.766.5787
Essex County Beekeepers Society (ECBS) – Joe Lelinho 973.403.8662
West Essex Park Conservancy (WEPC) – Ron Pate 973.669.8030
Rutgers Master Gardeners of Essex County (MGEC) – Jan Zientek 973.228.3179
New Jersey Woodturners Association (NJWA) – Gualberto Malave 908.310.3557
Essex County 4-H Youth Development Program (4-H) – Marissa Blodnick 973.353.1338, Ext. 104

Are dogs allowed?

Yes, dogs are allowed on trails with a leash. Only service animals are allowed within the building.

Is public transportation available?


Is food available at the center?

A vending machine is available for snack.

May I bring any recyclable items to the Essex County Environmental Center?

No, the Environmental Center is not a recycling facility.  Please contact your local municipal Public Works or Sanitation Department for more information. 

The county does host household hazardous waste days and Computer and Electronic Recycling Days, for more information visit the Essex County Utilities Authority   http://www.ecuanj.com/newsevents.html

May I contact the Essex County Environmental Center if I have a Gardening, plant or insect identification question?

Yes, contact our partner the Rutgers Master Gardeners Hotline at 973-228-2210 or by e-mail at mastergardenerEC@gmail.com.  You may also visit their office in Garibaldi Hall-part of the Essex County Environmental Center campus at 621-A Eagle Rock Avenue, Roseland, New Jersey.

Can I bring an injured animal to the Essex County Environmental Center?

No, the Essex County Environment Center does not accept injured or orphaned wildlife.  An animal’s best chance of survival is to be left alone within their own natural habitat.  If you encounter a wild animal, always take extreme caution. They may harbor diseases and try to defend themselves when fearful. Always be overly cautious of an animal you suspect is sick and in this scenario, keep yourself, children, and pets at a distance, and contact animal control immediately.  You may also visit the NJDEP website for a list of NJ Wildlife Rehabilitators. http://www.njfishandwildlife.com/bornwild.htm

Can I donate a pet to the Essex County Environmental Center?

We appreciate you thinking of us, unfortunately due to staff and space limitations we cannot accept unwanted animals.

Who do I contact if I see someone illegally dumping?

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has established a new toll-free telephone hotline number you can use to report environmental incidents, abuses, and complaints in New Jersey or impacting it. The 1-877-WARNDEP number can be used in the New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware calling areas.